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Sonny Chiba “Walk, samurai way.Proud, Japanese culture. “What is a Bushido spirit?



Sonny Chiba is a Japanese actor.

He became interested in Japanese culture through films.

What is Bushido?

We interviewed Sony Chiba about the soul of Japan.





Recently, lifestyles have changed in Japan, and young people have lost interest in cars, alcohol and politics.

Why did this happen?


First of all, think about what kind of people are Japanese people.

There are three main types of races on earth.

White, black, yellow.

The white people are convinced that they are the best races of their own.

White people have a history of colonizing Asian colored nations.

However, Japan did not become a colony alone.

Japan has helped countries that have become Southeast Asian colonies.

For example, Myanmar.

Japan contributed until Myanmar became independent.

Japan was such a wonderful country. And the spirit of “Bushido” was breathing there.





What kind of spirit is Bushido in the first place?


Bushido is the “road” of “mu” when it is written. There are several things in Japan that are represented by the word “michi”.

For example, Kendo, Kyudo and Judo are three major martial arts in Japan. However, at the end of the war in 1945, these three martial arts have been considered dangerous.

It is an illusion that Japan has advanced to war because of martial arts. The Allied Powers abolished these martial arts using this illusion.

Who abolished? GHQ and the Japanese traitors have joined hands.

The essence of Japanese people is cultivated from Bushido.

The Japanese should understand what is the spirit of Take.

However, the Allied Powers spread the idea that “the spirit of Bushido leads to war. It invades other countries.”

That is a lie. What is GHQ Bushido? I did not know.

“What on earth is Bushido. Let’s show it,” they said.

Because there is an ugly guy in the US Marine Corps, I was forced to fight Japan’s Bushdo.





It is a battle betting Japanese prestige and pride. At that time, what kind of Japanese stood up?


There was a minister in Japan called Junzo Kashimori. Mr. Kasamori said, “This is a crisis of the country.

I want to show the essence of Bushido”.

Kunii Yoshiya was selected there. Mr. Kasamori sent out to the game with the US Marine Corps on behalf of this Kunii.

What appeared in the game place is a formidable Marine Corps.

And I had a bayonet. It is only a wooden sword that Kunui against was carrying.

The eyes of GHQ and US soldiers were poured on the two faces facing each other.

First of all, Kunii bowed and bowed. Since it is Bushido, thanks are basic.

The people at the GHQ are wondering that they have apologized to the enemy even though the fight has not begun. And the fire lid of the fight was cut.

The moment Ukuni stood up quietly, a US soldier hit the bayonet violently.

Kunii had not yet been fully prepared.

However, I raised the bayonet with a wooden sword and immediately knocked down the opponent’s wrist!

It is also reported that the US soldier’s wrist is broken and broken. The people at GHQ were astonished.

“I saw the spirit of Bushido for the first time. It’s as if we were not only defeating the other person, but it was as if we were seeing people’s hearts.”

And I gave him Kunii. After the fight, Kunii bowed again and left.

It showed the spirit of the martial arts beginning with gratitude and ending with gratitude.

A few years later, the abolished martial arts revived in Japan.

It used to mean that they allowed people to remove martial arts.





What kind of influence does the Bushido spirit have when considering the Japanese people?


The blood of the Bushido spirit flows in us.

From Grandpa, Grandma, and their ancestors. In the Edo period, samurai warrior Yamamoto spoke about the samurai spirit in this way.

“Bushido and kun are found to die.”

It is a spirit that decides to prepare and moves forward A book summarizing what Yamamoto Tsunetomo talked about was “Hagakure.”

I love Yamamoto’s words representing Bushido. Also, in the words of another person, the following things are left.

“Flowers are Sakuragi people are Samurai.”

If it is a flower, it means that a beautiful cherry tree is the best, and if it is a person, a pure samurai is the best.

It’s pure and it’s the mind of a samurai.

It is wonderful These words are also transmitted to the present age, and the spirit has been handed down because the blood of Bushido spirit flows to Japanese.

Let us Japanese take pride there. This is what I want to tell young people today.

One thing I want to ask everyone is.

Do you know the meaning of the lyrics of the national anthem “Kimigayo”?





There is an increasing number of schools that do not teach you about your age. It seems that the number of Japanese who understand the interpretation of the lyrics decreases year by year.


It is different from our time.

I think that my father was a soldier and I understood how I was a Japanese.

When I was a junior high school student, my father told me, “Do you know the meaning of your generation and sing?”

I answered that I did not understand, “Young generation has a great meaning.

I sing Japanese heart. In particular, “Sazare stone” is an important word, he told me that I am singing about my friends.

Sazare stone is “fine stone” when written in kanji. It is literally a fine stone or pebble.

Such a small stone takes for decades, hundreds of years, tens of thousands of years.

It seems as if it means that the mind of each Japanese person eventually becomes one.

“This mind is the same even if it takes a long time until the moth grows on the moth.” “Friends, as long as we die, we Japanese have the same belief.

Let’s live with that belief.” My dad said, that is the meaning you put in your generation. And I felt that I was good at Japanese, and I became proud of being Japanese.

I also wanted to be a samurai, I strongly wanted to be a samurai.

However, since the postwar era, we have reached the present, and some Japanese people have a sense of what can be called “atrocities.

” Underestimate the good part of your country.

I can not wipe that feeling out. Therefore, I can not have the confidence and pride as a Japanese.

I wonder if such people are increasing.





Are young people who do not feel attractive to Japan, in other words, self-proclaimed young people?


Such young people do not understand Japanese people.

When Hirofumi Shimomura served as Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, I participated in the party of Mr. Shimomura.

So I asked this question.

“What do you think you should do as an educator as Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology?”

Then I continued to ask for it. “We want Japan to be a wonderful Japan like it used to be. In order to do that, we have to tell the children about Bushido.

That means teaching history.” There are two of the most important things I need to do in this country.

“Teach children the right history.” “Teaching the correct Japanese”. Let’s first teach history.

How have Japanese culture been nurtured, and what kind of people were the Japanese who acquired the wonderful spirit of Bushido.

How did they live the age, how did they become proud of the Japanese people?

It is very important to learn such history.

Because when people take pride, they work hard on things and their dreams and sense of purpose emerge.

And I will try to run toward my dream, I will act with my head thinking how to do to get close to the goal!





Although learning history, it is not learning as a part of entrance examination or study to become an elite, but learning to strengthen one’s own life.


I believe so, and I live that way both now and in the past.

However, it would be difficult for today’s young people to think like me. Because the world has changed.

There are too many things in the immediate area, so you can get anything without having a hard time.

I do not intend to blame the young people here.

It is our adult who made such a world. I used the word self-assertion, but how was that feeling born?

This is also a history. After the war, GHQ added to Japanese history education.

As a result of making the wrong education book and history book and giving education to the children, the youth did not understand Japan properly.

Do not sing the national anthem at the ceremony, do not know the significance of the Emperor system.

It is true that such education has become mainstream, and the Japanese inside has gradually changed. Everyone, are you going this way?

No, it should be back. There are an increasing number of Japanese who do not know how wonderful the original Japanese are.

Once, a French ambassador had been asked, “What kind of people do you want to destroy?”

It was said that he answered “It is decided to be Japan.”

That’s why Japan’s value was recognized internationally, how is it now?

The evaluation of Japan at home and abroad is changing.

It should be the most wonderful people in the world, but it is very sad that recognition of ethnicity is lost.




Today’s Japanese may be too selfish. What kind of turning point should we make in the coming era?


Recently, I have been made to recognize the ethnicity of Japanese people again.

It is the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake, and the victims.

When that big earthquake hit Tohoku, the world is in danger of Japan.

“Japan that has been hit by such a disaster will surely sink.”

A reporter came from all over the world and photographed a mountain-like rubble.

They came to catch the Japanese crisis. But how was it in practice?

It was not the rubble that the camera was drawn in, but it was the figure of the victim who lives desperately.

Their actions shocked people around the world through the lens. “Who is this nation?”

The tsunami swept away everything. It was a mess and it would have been the limit. Safes containing hundreds of millions of dollars have been washed away.

Then all the victims delivered the safe to the police properly.

If there is water distribution, I will wait for the order properly.

There was a feeling of caring for others and giving them to others.

That wonderful people ….

What kind of influence did it come out when a figure that was passionate about others but was desperately projected to the whole world?

One person reaffirmed that “Japanese people are wonderful people.”

Another person was surprised, “Is there such a wonderful people?”




Even under severe conditions after the earthquake, there is a story that the victims have left

150 yen for plastic bottles at a convenience store that has become unmanned.

Is it a manifestation of one of the spirits of Bushido that you will never forget to beg at any given time?


That 150 yen is not a small thing. it is really amazing!

The victims were really hard!

That’s right, there are not a few victims in a difficult situation.

But at the same time, I am truly grateful for showing me the true Japanese way of life.

Well! Well, I embodied Japan’s heart. Despite being in the midst of that crisis, ….

It’s wonderful. As Japanese people are losing their ethnicity, it is their victims who have made them aware again.

It starts with gratitude and ends with gratitude.

That is the heart of the Japanese, and in former education they taught such behavior to children.

We should thank all the victims and help and protect them well.

How was the Self-Defense Force?

You were working hard as a wholeheartedly.

I was searching for missing children without getting to sleep.

Under such circumstances, it seems that one girl has brought a letter.

When I opened the letter, “SDF Uncle, I am a very poor man. Please help us.

Please protect Japan. ” It is a girl of elementary school.

The Self-Defense Forces who received it from a black, dirty little hand all tears.

He said, “Let’s search for children.

I will surely find out,” he said, and stood up.





The Great East Japan Earthquake had a great impact on Japan.

However, the world looked at Japanese people properly.


Many people from the world are visiting Japan now.

He said, “I came to see Japan, I came to meet Japanese people.” Four years ago, Prime Minister Abe aimed to increase the number of tourists visiting Japan from 8 million to 10 million. And how long do you think now?

There are 30 million people. Why are so many people visiting Japan?

It is because Japan is wonderful.

It is because Japanese people have the charm that makes them want to meet.

There is an attraction that makes you think, “I want to see Japanese life with this eye, I want to experience the same life”. 3.11 is the beginning of such influence. Perhaps the true form of the Japanese breathed in the form of living in the loneliness of the victims. Japan is now beginning to be reviewed. Everyone should send this out.

And I want to make such a movie. And even the Self Defense Force is great. I am proud of Japan.

It would be nice to let Japanese children join the Self-Defense Force for a year.

Youth, study the proper Japanese spirit there!

In the morning, get up on time and lick it.

In the present era, there are both food and water.

I want young people to have a tough experience.

To experience the Self-Defense Force with your own body is of great significance.



The Bushido spirit that has been handed down in Japan.

What sprouts there is the heart of “Rei”, “Caring”, “Autonomy”.

It was a simple way of supporting the heart as a person.

Next time, while spotlighting the actors’ activities, we will hear episodes of the samurai-like characters that you respect.


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sony chiba

An international actor representing Japan who has appeared in over 1,500 works.
Supported by Hollywood top stars such as director Quenten Tarantino, actor Samiel Jackson and Keanu Reeves.
Shinichi Chiba's actor soul, which continues to have a profound impact on the domestic and international film world, is still alive and well.

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