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The war that looks back now. Bombing that dyed the sky red. The boy’s memory is still clear.



August 15 days of the end of the war the day. 1941 1945 began in the year to the end to years “Greater East Asia War”, is the day that many people wins the thought.

2018 sweltering heat is clinging to the body is the year, summer of Japan, but would had swirled What kind of air in Japan during the war.

The hear the story alive the era war, Kotaro Mr. actor Satomi.

Passed the audition of Toei new face, it is both name and reality big star that adorned the golden age of historical drama.

It crosses even now to Mr. Satomi that sent the boy’s head in wartime, glare of that summer, smell, and touch -?



──  Kotaro Satomi is 1936 years was born. He spent his childhood during the war, after the war, but your father is so was a member of the Japanese military of the Guards regiment.

However Satomi time’s is born shortly after a baby, have been killed in China’s Shanxi Province. Your father is Will was what kind of existence.


I guess, I never saw a father figure. I have never seen only in photos.

Father of Some of the photos are riding on horses hanging saber to the waist, wearing the armband of the military police, and keep the Coleman beard.

This is quite dressed nice. But, the presence of father for me it was not only in the long image.

Because it was not actually that you have face-to-face.

There to the NHK’s microcomputer Starring request of the program called “family history (pick celebrities, TV documentary to a thorough interview the person and their families)”.

That was found and we have examined many, that had a brother for twelve people to father.

Although men and women ratio do not know at all, under the most was the father. Ten it’s a third of the youngest child.

Is it a country of Yamanashi Prefecture’s father was born.

Everyone, how get imagination. Enter the Yamanashi Prefecture from Shizuoka Prefecture, will ride in minobu line.

In six eyes of the station from Fujinomiya station, there is a station that Ide.

Sandwiched between the mountains and Fujikawa, a very small village.

Cliff bluff, terraced fields is spread, its such as immediately below is flowing river, was the land not likely make easier the fields.

I heard the birthplace of the father was a big village headman’s, I because I was born as thirteen people eyes.

“Can have in such a country, yourself or not you dont eat the food” and was determined purpose initiator, Do I think we ran out of the house.

However, “pop out” the will can even to anyone.

What is important is after that.

Just because the youngest of the countryside born has grown into a young man, is not ginger wonder fact that Aina’ and Konoe communicating soldiers!





──  Meiji, was a force to protect the Emperor and the Imperial Palace Speaking of Taisho and later the Army – Guards regiment.

So to speak, it is elite.


In Tokyo, you have some people who has my support group.

Have a big shop in Kanda, husband of such a person is in the races had been assigned to the Guards regiment.

As But it was not in the military police.

“Satomi’s if there is opportunity to talk to a living, that enter the Guards regiment I’m serious.

And even more Nante become military police.

Defintely or smarter, or I made an effort. Otherwise they told me that No “get used to the military police.

“Ah, my father is equivalent to study the Do I” I thought again and.

Military police is a force that has been organized in order to protect the Emperor and the Imperial Palace.

So as not to go to undergo the test again and again to climb on from the Iricho if referred to in the modern Metropolitan Police Department, would the father was also subjected to the test.

One photograph that is in my house have been left behind.

Father and mom, have captured the three men of small children was the big brother, it is a thing of when the three people had been living in the Ogasawara Islands.

Although father of that time had in the Guards, it says that it was not the military police.

In life that follow of the photo, I guess it was a compelling effort.

Now, but I is a “Kōtarō Satomi”, I do not have any effort at all compared with the father.

Really, it is a big difference.





──  time Mr. Satomi is eight months old, while never a small baby is nestled in the splendid arm, your father’d been killed.

From is grown, have you followed the vestiges of the late father?


Hey, there was little. However wonder that feel I was there.

The father was killed was China’s Shanxi Province. It is immediately after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident (incident Japanese army and Chinese troops clash in the Marco Polo Bridge in Beijing, China. 1937).

However, while a member of the Guards regiment to protect the emperor in the country, why father became be appointed in North China the China Incident broke out.

If the ordinary, but it should not be fed. The reason did not know very much.

The key to solving the mystery is the February 26 Incident.

It Army youth officers and soldiers have caused the coup.

After the young officers who attempted a coup incident convergence, Some imprisoned persons, were some who became a firing squad.

And say whether I thought they were soldiers is what you look at it, the Guards regiment I like was something Kanjiiru “There some truth to them has caused action ……”.


──  say historical background of the time, bad all the way Japan’s economic situation from the Great Depression, was particularly remarkable food shortages in rural areas.

It is time that political economy had shaken greatly.

And military internal also there is a circumstance that was divided into two factions.


Under Ai’ was circumstances, the person who was concerned that “…… At this rate, which results in a rush to war Japan” would have been not a few.

Moreover, there is no petroleum in the country. Also causing the war I win knew not.

Isoroku Yamamoto Marshal also was true. Only Hideki Tojo did not understand.

Even if the war Japan’s military example, one year have you say to have been anticipation that it Sekinoyama.

Nevertheless, the military is going to run toward more and more war.

The tried to stop such a movement, youth officers et al. Attempted coup. They stood up and “for the sake of His Majesty the Emperor”.

However Once transferred to a behavior, it had been a “Gyakuzoku who rebelled against Emperor” in reversal.





──  February 26 Incident is often studied, it is a one-act of history that various interpretations have been made, but, because if young officers had any aspirations is one of the important key.


The young officers who had been holding the first place is, I think that I want to protect Japan and the Emperor.

Human being not understand this thing, I had a lot at that time. Captain of my father was a member of Guards regiment also good to have been holding a compassion to the young officers who caused the incident.

My mother could have caused me to this kind of talk.

The bodies of the officers who had been sentenced to execution by firing squad will be handed over to the bereaved family.

Father to the scene seems to have happened.

From the eyes of the bereaved family I had of course fallen tears, but said he handed over the corpse while father who also doggie crying.

“Young Officers found that caused the coup but, or else Alan ……” I think that, because compassion had sprung.

That said, whether got what became human was to mouth such a mind pattern even a little.

It had the hardship of relegation if referred to in the modern.

One of them was the captain of the troops that belongs to my father.

Then, the military police of the supposed to be the country would otherwise, I mean that was the that go to North China.


──  February 26 Incident in Japan after of, is said to speak force against the military politics intensified.

Then in China broke out Marco Polo Bridge Incident ….


Soon, father it was killed.

Father is the last letter I wrote had been written is such a thing.


“I landed in China, in addition to the Chinese soldiers resistance of it is intense, can not move forward. I went a few minutes a naval bombardment once pulled up to the ship. When the landing by implanting cannon in the harbor, resistance is fit, it was decided to move forward. Now heading to the Great Wall of China. “


My mother and older brother, is a letter that had been written for a friend.

But the letter before it reaches to the home cooking of the original, came the killed publication of father.

From the letter, I’m was faster is better war dead of notification.

My mother I have a story of a dream that is remember well.

Heard the sound of play plugging away on the ground is “boots, the front door of the inner open Innovation rattle. Saber is also Get a ringing sound. Oh, as I wonder “by now has come back Why is that person supposed’re in North China, I woke up in the place was wondered the father of the home.

The next day the mom saw the dream, it killed publication has arrived.

There is surely, kana …… was the guy that foreboding.





──  Satomi-san did not have memories spent with your father. From become a mother and child home as a place to place the house to escape the war, will continue to grow stretch of.


The was evacuated to Fujinomiya who are the relatives from Tokyo, is the time that air raid became violently.

Shizuoka is burnt, Shimizu, Hamamatsu, lasted Numazu. Shimizu and Shizuoka, is in Hamamatsu probably because there was a munitions factory.

When that bomb Tokyo, that was in the path of the B29 was just Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu.

Since around that there was a site of Shizuoka regiment, how not it have been targeted there.

When the Fujinomiya and say, but there was a school to become a tank corps, it’s there was no reason to be on target.

But as the addition of the city is going to be burned, are now worried that “next that it is the Fujinomiya Once you have targeted.”

“Because dangerous also soon Fujinomiya, Come to my house,” grandmother would I told mom and.

We family I was evacuated to Matsuno village in the south-west from Fujinomiya.

I at that time, elementary school three, in four years, was that of the preceding two months of the end of the war.


──  little by little, I time the war was getting closer to the day-to-day domestic Japanese.

Laden bomb B29 is that witnessed the fly is but ….


It is not such thing as witness.

I saw what aircraft stuff B29 in this eye.

The first was looking at would fly approximately 50 aircraft.

Orders of magnitude when it is in Tokyo to the burnt down. It covered the sky to 400 aircraft thing B29.

The roar of the more eardrum is amusing, roar to wielded the around the belly.

And seek the sky, as if they become a rosary ties, was covered one side bomber.

B29 splash,’m much fuselage slightly smaller than today’s airliners.

But propeller is because mon is also with four, I sound terrible.

Roar than the jets. There was no Anna fighter in Japan.

I had seen that the Japanese fighters are flying, one aircraft or two aircraft, had been lonely slipped the sky.

Those of the United States formed a large formation, goes forward the sky.

Wonder if because I was a child, fear was not so much. But only with the “amazing!” ….


There was such a thing.

One day, in the sky of Fujinomiya, we bomber has disintegrated.

Will American soldiers are riding aircraft is divided into three, parachute has been popped out to Bon Bon Bon and the air.

It was of them aircraft explodes, pilot appeared to be able to escape.

What I thought is that “Okkochi the soldiers will do happens”. Even in any country of the ladies, it is the era that had a bamboo spear.

Once the emergency landing in towns and farmers, US troops would probably be killed butt.

If police officers are Kaketsukere, us caught custody.

But it did not mean there still is where the police and army at that time.

Too much of the fear, would someone kill thrust -.





──  from being derived from the time of everyday life, it was a such a conclusion.

However, in adults and children, it might have been significantly different from those feeling of fear.

By the age of when you experience the war, feeling that raged from time to time it is different and say likely.

Against the US soldiers, or is Satomi’s at that time you had the kind of image?


I do not this ring a bell is because “bad people”.

At the time, it’s the word “American soldiers eradication” had penetrated into the world.

That kind of words we have heard from adults.

I’m ten years old a decent, was not even in the age, such as read properly Nante newspaper.

News coming from the radio was the source of information.

Bomber was attack to “Tokyo. Damage is Asakusa, is the Shinagawa district … “Nante wind broadcast.

Also heard a child, it it could not so much to understand the (assembled the information) reality.

However, it does not mean you did not have anything thinking that foreign.

“Patton (1970 American production, Franklin · J · Schaffner director, Francis Ford Coppola screenplay)” I have a winning movie an Academy Award that.

Good actor of Broadway born that George · C · Scott was the leading role.

Is a war movie that depicts the American generals George Patton.

In the play, and Patton led by the United States of the tank corps is go to the North African Campaign, well a much superior looking better of German tanks, it’s American tanks would be repelled.

In the after know the German tanks in later after the war for a while, it was like a toy is after all what the United States and of Japan.


──  Nante would longing to powerful tank, it is a boy seems to episode.

But coolness of the tank, from the difference of the performance, I think there was also a difference of national power can be seen.


Japan becomes to close the end of the war I fall into a gasoline shortage. Silver tableware and iron products are all gone recovered in the classroom.

Because it is not Datte your spoon one, I was eating rice with spoon of bamboo.

All power of the car is charcoal.

Kettle is piled up in the car, where burning charcoal, resulting vapors is energy.

Bus taxi also track even with charcoal car, I grasses – have smoke is discharged white.

In the this era, from moving in gasoline is only tanks!

And because I had been purified from gasoline now of age, was higher quality.

Was a light purple, I’m coming out Innovation beautiful Kemurigasu ~. The scent is also very good.

It was a tank school in Fujinomiya.

Child soldiers who go out there, I have had to take a break to eat lunch in the precincts of the shrine Asama.

Also of tanks was the scene arranged in a lateral indeed twenty units.

We are or touch or view, as soon as the engine is applied, all at once to go to the smell!

Minna to that smell was like, I spit out the tanks the smoke bluish really beautiful purple ….





──  scent is said to lead strongly in the memory, but I’m was very impressive.

Than the information that is transmitted from the time of newspapers and radio, as are burned to clear the brain.

While in the same way as adults do not understand the war, on the day that Shizuoka has been bombed, did you feel what it is from the scene that was witnessed.


There is a Mount Fuji in the east of Fujinomiya. Opposite direction of Mount Fuji.

I western sky was stained red.

Over there it is red of the “Asama customers to night! It “said.

Different from the red of the sunset. Was a red burn the air.

It was eerie. That combine to hell among the imagination and reality, as if suddenly appeared in this world, I was scared.

Empty of under circumstances? …… me did not imagine!

I I air raid, you come in the evening decided. B29 is but to move flying in the ten thousand meters sky, when dropping a bomb will drop to five thousand meters.

Not exactly, Drop bomb to the place that aims not to do so.

On the other hand, it is also a within range of Japan’s anti-aircraft gun if its height. (To avoid the shooting down) air raid is I takes place in the evening.

The next day bombing Shizuoka struck, I remember each other exchanged words classmates et al., Which was playing with the “sky Do was red.”

It was broad daylight air raid on Tokyo is.

Tokyo of that day, Will was a sea of ​​blood rather than a sea of ​​fire.

It adults think we would have been more scared, the children we had is to feel it.





──  also because I feel the fear and anxiety in the skin, live in the modern to us is the reality that can not be experienced.

And 1945 years 8 May 15, noon, … approaching the time when gyokuon-hōsō flows.


Morning, my grandfather was called a “lunch to gather everyone hearth”. Since it was summer vacation, children if always is the time zone you are out to play outside.

I and the big brother and mom, grandparents and cousins ​​are the two of the evacuation destination, aunt alone, everyone gathered in the hearth, we listened to the square wooden radio.

But I …. Whether the Emperor what you’re talking about, do not know first.

There is also the fact that radio is the sound was bad old, because the sound had been with Momo Naonokoto.

But I hear the sound of “Taegatakiwotae ……”, did not know the meaning of the word.

But adults are different. My mother started crying Doggy, grandparents have also shed tears.

We children saw the figure may be referred to as “His Majesty the Emperor seems’re talking about a very important thing” was found.

It is August 15 of me, is the moment you understand the end of the war.

And now, I’m thinking like this that of father.

Youth of the country born out into the Tokyo, was up to the Konoe Division soldiers.

What is the thing that moved against the chest.

…… father Will not had no place to born and raised land, it said.

Father that did not come true be even once meet, the fate of American soldiers were forced landing in the parachute, bright red burning sky and the city spread below it, beautiful smoke …… the tank is spit out.

Reality and the imagination, for such things is a mixture is the war for me.


With the help of five senses of Kotaro Satomi’s was a boy, we have to feel that summer.

Episode of the family, while full of longing, such as vivid memory of the tanks, likely were many that had been beyond the scope of imagination and understanding about the war situation and information.

The ages, each other contested is the invisible as visible, views of the journey of life is not maybe opaque.

So we live in today, do you have to be able to see that war? Will you are made to feel?

This summer, your 8 May 15, days will become in any one day.

In the next interview, the entertainment world debut of Satomi’s grown into a good young man, will deliver the shooting untold story in Kyoto Uzumasa.


Photo: Chihiro EIE statement: Mai Suzuki


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