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Human beings through alive. Let’s go with the aim of goal tape ahead of death. Naoki Yahagi interview [Vol 1]




Things come equally to all living things ── It’s birth and death. In particular, the human race we have been spun the history while embracing the fear and rejection to the death.

Seek immortality as I authorities always say at the time, medical technology continues against the microorganisms and incurable disease.

Meanwhile, Mr. Naoki Yahagi is “not die who – speculation over the providence and spirituality, according to some clinicians” book of the topic writing.

At that time, the book with the latest medical field Yahagi had put himself in the teacher was staring at the original way of life and death in the sense of the Japanese ancient spirituality, it has cast a stone in view of life and death in the modern.

I want to re-question precisely because now the 100-year life era “people is how to live, to either go how dead” has been heard in the Yahagi teacher.





──2011 years Yahagi teacher was writing the book “People do not die.” Emergency medicine and intensive care at the University of Tokyo Hospital, I when I was the ARK Newsletter served as director of two departments. From this the active duty of the doctor draw seems the one book of a different color.


The thing that the Japanese write, I’m not writing what one is unusual in that book. After the death of people in the ancient times of Japan, the soul away from the body was believed to continue to live in “over there in the world”. I because I did those things is originally views on life and death of the Japanese.

However, Western Europe from the scientism faith to penetrate the Japanese, society and vertical devoted, has been changed to that subdivision. Medical care is no exception. Is the situation, such as fly joke “Please visit the right eye of the condition is bad? So right eye family”. “Without the sick person to the other party, to the disease to the other party the doctor’s.” We’ve been ridiculed. Forget that you are the Japanese, it would be a result that has become a craftsman. We any profession without any relation, in the first place, but it should be “Japanese”.

That everyone is easy to forget, but until I wrote in his book “People do not die.” If it is perceived as unique, it would be that Japan ants so has changed.





── It is that view of life and death of the Japanese has been transformed.

“How capture the death” will seems to be one of the book’s theme.

Views of life and death say when the psychiatrist Kubler = loss of the United States has proposed “acceptable process of five stages of death” is world-famous, but ….


Or I will Unlike Kubler = loss. Kyubura = when loss is faced with his own death such as cancer sentenced, was naming the spirit situation seen in the course of receiving the death is divided into five levels. But you need to consider is whether her theory applies to the Japanese.

Japan in the ancient way of thinking, human beings through alive. Cultural differences in views on life and death is big.


── Birth and death are two sides of the same coin. Nonetheless, it is taken in a feeling positive a thing called “death” is not difficult.

For example, just before the person dies, you may or remarks, such as if they predicted his own death, how was imperturbability as if they accept the sudden death during the battle can be seen.

It would be why reaching the state of mind that is calm while dying?


And come to feel the decline and tired of the body, I guess there is that the feeling of “kana soon pick up.” …… do you say and begin to accept their own state.

I have seen many people the time was working in the hospital, but the people to resist strongly, “I do not want to die!” Just prior to death, I have never met so much.

To speak of people that like I went to there or a gentle, it might be the “pick-up phenomenon” had occurred. People to experience the pick-up phenomenon in which something pick-up is coming from over there in the world I’m not a few. Two decades more before also, Ken Okabe of the School of Medicine (doctor. Founding a medical institution with a focus on home hospice care) teacher had been announced in the report Tohoku University.

My cousin also has a home physician, but so is going pick-up phenomenon as much as 70 percent of patients dying. It is not uncommon to feel their own funeral or in the eyes of the other side of the pick-up.

Compared to the old days, the opportunity to get the experience of a person’s death is low. Once upon a time many large family, because it was not uncommon to experience the death of Chikashii people, we have to witness the pick-up phenomenon was a normal age. Now more and more nuclear family, was less able to see the death of people in the vicinity. I will not this ring a bell also is said to be the order pick-up phenomenon. This may be due to the difference of experience related to the death of people, it does not intended to affect the presence or absence of a pick-up phenomenon itself.





── What is meant by the word “people do not die,” is, I think that also the soul remains dead flesh.


Rather than the soul remains, the soul has to come and go at a wide variety of various dimensions. Here we are (space there are living human beings), only we are there happens now. The soul is not a lot of travel, is that being in the process.

Although these things is you’re supposed to remember until much or when 3-year-old man was born, it seems often to forget. Given the things about the here, the story will become invisible.

I think that “I do not want to die!” Is, it would be a lot of people who have become a top priority in helping to live. It is also the person who has spent a life in the mood running the painful marathon. However, when from me, this idea is in the exact opposite from the place should be. What if it considered to be “the place nice if off the goal tape is waiting.” You may feel uneasy because do not know the process to go to the “over there in the world”, but it never like to worry about is not waiting for you.




── I want to ask you as would a human representative of hope “after all to die I do not want to! It is said so,” but, “here” and will should I able to have any image and say the world of “over there”. Unknown world is still anxiety ….


I say without thinking difficult. Well, there can be said that it places much more freedom.

If represented by a word it is what “easy”. Since there is no body, very easy. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be ok if I die in peace (smiling).


── Certainly, or impatient to strange Dari depressed and think about the death.

It is prone winding feelings of the counter electrode and peace of mind. Rather, embrace the feelings of much “I ran toward the death!” Is, do you just say that in terms of living in the world?


Yes, that’s right. However, if the kind of perspective, human beings may result in trying to shortcut. Some of suicide Well.

But more than to be aware of the death, I want you to have the hope that “there’m such a place more and more good”. Death as a process, it’s a thing of the moment. It does not matter if I have captured the death with the feeling of much “things like that Hey, there is also”.

First, it will be considered as “a good think if you go to there.” Furthermore, until go there, let yourself live here try to awareness and “I’m your Tendou customers are looking at.”





──Keep the soul in good condition, it is that you pick a bright and death eventually.

But, to think the there of the world favorably quite difficult …. Yahagi Do you teacher can Why image things over there?


Instead of the image, because I remember. In quite a proportion if until about 3 years old I remember things over there. Because anyone old soul has many things went.

You are to hear the soul and reincarnation, what do you float in your head?

Reincarnation and is, do you think the wind that the soul of the A’s has moved to A ”s?

In fact it is a little more complicated.

Will it convoluted and speak in detail, but it is not only never a special person to go over there in the world.

Even back in my relatives era, it seems to be whether greed is called to be a Tentan there were many people who have the spirit of you or “know enough” good and not much.

So, I to I also grew up in a very ordinary home.

It’s not that special.

Everyone before the war are thought to have shared a sense of, such as “your Tendou sama is watching.”

All of breaches is almost impossible, but would there was a such a consciousness in the mind of at least a number of Japanese.




── Us, would you have forgotten why.


There is no need for such thing as the spirit of discipline.

There is a feeling that “I want to go there”, you may rapidly recall from there.

For example, if there is a place to remember for the soul, I’m feeling occurs that when the visit there “there”. Then crap remember to daisy chain as well.




── Curiosity or a particular location So you become stimulus.

In recent years it became a boom, or different from the power spot, which is the energy of life gather?


Because it is important place for the soul of the people, it is different from so-called power spot.


── Then What different things, such as the also sacred place of religion.


Regardless of the religion, I think that I believe that spiritual experience.

And those little higher dimension than here, it adheres. You have become the talk of the quantum theory, it may be a bit does not come into view and does not have the point of view of metaphysical and Keijika are inseparable.


── those without form, some of the form is like a true reverse, it is that it is not intended to be disconnected.

Humans are the or thought or felt or seen, we primarily by the action of the brain. The brain will be to have a large capacity, does it also soul and spiritual sensation is perceived in the brain?


The brain I have a habit. Such as, for example, would reduce the soul of the ability to 1 of 100 minutes. No, it may be one per million. The brain is to suppress the soul of ability. You can see that it is people who have out of body. “Oh. I is Kangaerae things so much free a variety of I consciousness,” he said.




── Brain, I got a side that limits the soul. What my soul, Will be present where I usually.


The whole. Is it close when you image the cloud. It does not have hard objects, please think that the overlapping layers around the body.

Memory is the body is when the brain. But the soul it’s relatively slow. Also the soul has a memory around the head and heart. For example, the memory of the donor when the heart transplant comes through together, personality changes as a different person before and after the transplant, it has come out that kind of report. Soul because stores. Though nor were transplanted the brain, it will occur affected by the storage of the soul. Quite ordinary things Given spiritually.


── To, such that in the ancient times and the spiritual sense are commonplace and usually, I modern man seems to have gone quite away. Birth, raw, in terms of re-staring at the death, has been feel like important thing is had fallen out. To get them back will do what I should do.


Ladies and gentlemen, keyword in helping to live I’m in the “medium now (Nakaima)”.


── Do, “medium now” …?


The keyword to be worried about “medium now” Will such what kind of things.

Following is Let’s listen in more detail in the next interview.

During the wait for the next delivery, their behavior and consciousness as “Otentosama have seen”, is try to change the day-to-day behavior little by little about you?

The more you aware of the change, it may be life becomes fun.

If fun is possible to move forward, it is also scared no longer likely death. So interview the second time the fun!


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naoki yahagi

Born in 1956 in Yokohama.
1981 Kanazawa University School of Medicine after graduation, anesthesiology emergency, intensive care, starting with, experience internal medicine, and surgery unit.
1999 The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Professor, the Faculty of Engineering Precision Machinery Engineering professor Ken担.
2001 from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine emergency medicine professor and the University Hospital emergency department, intensive care unit director.
2016 March 31, 2008, expiration of the term retirement.
2016 April opened a (stock) Naoki Yahagi office.

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