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Approaching the Kazuo Koike’s Twitter surgery! The way to tell I think across generations?



Comic authorship of Kazuo Koike teacher.

Works such as that has created “Lone Wolf,” “Lady Snowblood” is, across the border, it has given a great deal of influence on the film director Quentin Tarantino et al many creators.

Koike teacher is to disseminate the day-to-day thoughts and everyday in Twitter, the number of followers amounts to 830,000 people.

Tweet “is encouraged!” From the young people received the overwhelming support and “I have things to me in the word”, thousands are spread is the number of “Like” of the people and RT.

Beyond the 80-year-old, to Koike teacher to continue shaking the young people of the heart, I heard the secret.



── Koike teacher, to have been a copyright from the corresponding early deployment in the media mix, you will have the impression that has been the use of media that fit into each that era.


Now of age but it is do speed of evolution is very fast compared to the old days.

It has changed the way, including between generations. Because social media is, it will have that could expected for quite some time.

Why? Could be expected, it is I’m such because I have grown more than 40 years I have young disciples.

Toka Rumiko Takahashi, Tetsuo Hara, Itagaki Keisuke, Dragon Quest of Yuji Horii, Toka Akira Sakuma of Momotaro Electric Railway, but you have a lot, because I always walked with them.

Things I net of the world, and I wish would not be able to stop the evolution.

So the wish would be useless if you do not go about it.


── The other day, the teacher in Twitter, “at about the second half of the 40s, nothing I do not have something people” had been tweeted that.


That’s right, that’s right. Children of school problems, just the right age to become children of the problem, or after he’s good and to remain this, whether the good in this, Toka whether or not to old age, to suffer the most with in such a thing is I think I’m the generation of .

It is a painful generation.

I think the people of 40, 50, and 60s I wish if I get to say, is sandwiched between the top and bottom, and I’m serious.

I for him left to 80s. Because it is now 82 years old, you have not to think formal thing.





── Koike teacher Is 82 years old! Using Twitter, it is a surprise to the willingness of teachers to various people and to communicate every day.


Probably There ‘s no conversation in Twitter ordinary 80s and 20s?

It does not communicate in words even if there.

It’s for example, and I was finished eating the amazing large Sheng curry rice.

“I was eaten No good” in our generation, we had a conversation say “I ate everything.”

But, now of generations we’ll is “ate!” “I was Kanshoku!”.

“Feel (snacking)” I’m feeling that snack and say, we guess.

It has surprised since come out in words and much is slightly shifted difference, I think I must go after all also with myself.

And in Japan, because I mean that living with a large number of people, the Tteyuu there can not understand the layers, but it is painful. But you do not need to understand.

“If I am outgoing and I think this in Twitter, we have also full opinion I” It is different, but there is also ill, but Nante I wonder if say, it is good at it.

At first I, I did not Wakan or that of what even heard of Twitter.

And then guys young you are in the buckwheat is, I I “It is grumble, grumble”. It grumbles huh (laughs).

Character of the Toka story, Toka food and drink, mixed with many things, peacefully, and doing while to mellow.


── always the attitude mingle in flexibility for the new media, but is nothing but surprise.


It is interested.

So Hatsune Miku in mid-no one knows Te also Mikkel, because I thought, “This is interesting, went to Sapporo of krypton Future, Inc., has been studied.

Or asked to not used on the cover of “character New Theory”.

Then, since the invited me to Hatsune Miku concert, I went.

Although the 80s was only me.


── (speechless). Vitality is incredible.


But is painful news is often in the news, after all I think it is better not to excessively worry about things like that.

I wish I was conscious, I something, probably painful.

It cold if cold, to hot if hot.

I think it than that, what is fun in being alive now, and what is better to take care of that mean whether I should go or be Yareru to myself, is what if in working.

I Toka’s how the do it war, Toka’s what politics is, than think about the many things, because one of it is the flow of the world, and do not enjoy the free and open my “now”.

Since the thing valuable with itself very worth being alive, I so much trouble because we live become a human being, not you were born to suffer.

That Is not I’ll become easier, only it.

In summary, it’s just things.





── of Koike teacher recent writings, I think that there are many titles, such as encouraging the next generation.


Especially 40-50s, because they solidified by me “do not not have to work, rather than to belong to the company”, to feel that freedom is lost.

It comes to office workers of the world, Toka whether to quit because does not work with your boss, Toka what to do family because do not have to go to a distant land is to transfer, but it is many painful era.

But you know, now for old age to be alive, the idea means trying hard for old age, do not you mean that and lose when young that now.

Do what you want to do when young now, because’ll be the best?

In order to relax the old age comfortably, I think that a waste when I was just put up now.

You will not be able Nan’nimo If you ended up with old age?

If you can not do anything, I guess because trying to do is be in the bedridden elderly.

So not’m so, now a live hard, do what you want to do.

Life is not it too sad Once was for old age.


── Is there such as the secret to live comfortably?


I you are saying all right if you put I have to keep even made escape even when any.

It is Twitter.

Also painful thing, even when you have or angry to the boss, is not it do I Nigekome to escape. It is the best.

The Tteyuu way out of time but should not to be kept available.

It wind Tteyuu want to be if you want to be a writer. If you continue to have a dream, because it may write when something of the turning point came.



We’m not live to suffer.

The young generation is also on the generations, want freedom to live now.

I want a Datte escape. The words of “a fun living now,” Koike teacher, vinegar seems Gets in Your chest Innovation ~.


Photo: Chihiro EIE statement: Noriko Ando


kazuo koike

Writer-comic original author. 1936 Akita Prefecture, was born.
Since the writing of the year 70 "Lone Wolf" (field / Goseki Kojima), novels, manga, a wide range of creative activities such as the screenplay such as movies, television and stage do.
Major works include "Samurai Executioner," "Lady Snowblood", "Hanzo the Razor", a large number such as "Crying Freeman". Hirakijuku the "Kazuo Koike graphic novel Sonjuku" for comic writers nurture than 77 years. Tell your own creative theory "character Principles", Rumiko Takahashi, Tetsuo Hara, Itagaki Keisuke, Yuji Horii, Shiihashi Hiroshira, debuted many of the creators, some when the reverse of the guidance currently.
In 2004, "Will Eisner Award" Hall of Fame called the US cartoon world of the Academy Awards.

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