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Debut 20 Crazy Ken Band, which celebrated the anniversary, previous work “already a I’m a long” from 3 Brand New Album “to be the years GOING TO A GO-GO released”.

Melody and sophisticated in superb funky rhythm, and somewhere Inatai Showa Kayo taste studded CKB clause, is still alive and well.

This time, the front man Yokoyama Ken’s band, the “song of the recommendations should listen adults now,” while interviewed episode of the album production 3 was asked to songs pickup.



── Did you have any concept or theme when creating a work now?


When you always make the album, the Ki is unlikely song earlier than the concept and theme.

To be in the order, you’re recording more and more. In, or rather the way somehow direction comes into view.

Since this time did not even put out an album 3 years, anyway, “desire to want to write a song” is very strong.

So was the songwriting still come up, I had the feeling to become a fairly incoherent work (laughs).

But, ultimately, I think I Do not sewn in felt called a split.

Fine, I Hawaii and LA, is the song that contains the Pacific specific Semeru now many. Recently, Do not because there is no going (laughs)





── So, do you during the three years had much to the songwriting?


Well, the song is so always freely floating in coming, it keeps retained in the brain without recording it.

Since not necessarily each time to record, But I’m there is also a song that will disappear imperceptibly.

Is what is recorded in this album, there are both and what was, and what floated recently in my head for a long time.

For example, the song “turtledoves Waltz” is the idea of ​​rust from the time of the 8-year-old is in the in the head.

Of NHK, when you decided to write a song to “Minna no Uta”, been pulled out to fragments of that 50 years ago (laughs).

I feel that finally the world put out to finish the unfinished was a part.





── that song, but it is interesting.

When the cries of turtledoves of even 8-year-old came up trying to motif?


That’s right. Strictly speaking, I though I was not floating there only decent (laughs).

All the rest, we made earlier this year.


── 50 years ago of the song, it surprised also that had been kept warm without also recorded.


I think I had to remember something.

I’d was a time that was completely forgotten, and remember at periodic nice timing.


── Mr. Yokoyama is also known as the “composer addicts”, do you basically are making a song every day?


I That’s right, even if holding a 1 week studio thought, “Let’s make!”, There is also a time that does not think float one song.

Rather, it is often best to float while driving a car.





── For example, the album title song, how did you finished?


This is a song called “Expressó Madureira” of the Brazilian band called Banda Black Rio It is underlay.

Since the chord progression of the song was like crap, it sample to.

In the band arrangement of CKB, it has floated a variety of melody to one that is endlessly repeated.

Collectively it is finished.

Band ensemble, horn section, song melody has become a thing different from the original song at all, but the chord progression would be good not to say that almost the same as the “Expressó Madureira”.





── I feel that the “manual sampling”.


so. Or rather that the story, such as can be seen clearly, there is a significance to things to do in dare live music.

By digesting the original story to my own people, I think the kana not it also important that we convey to the next generation.

That kind of attitude, I learned from the hip-hop culture.

That’s right the concept of “rare groove”.

Even in the same song, or rather it will vary the impression by the sense the way of listening.

For example, the records of JB’s, and the we had been listening to in real-time, than put it in the club young DJ in the 90s at the time, sound the way is also different.

I think I stick also “Shibuya-ish” or “Yokohama-ish” like a “color”.

Such idea is not may have been imprinted on since the 1990s.


── I think the music are also many surrounding car.

“ZZ” is to thing that sang about the car also from Song Title, such as other Cadillac or even Mustang, really many songs surrounding the car.


I watched the movie “Grand Prix” of the car race at the age of six, then I’m captivated by a motor sports much.

Commercial vehicles dominating car in motor sports is anyway you like, was a children pack also attended necessarily every year in motor show.

The hobby is not changed at all even now.





── it I, part acting something in music I think is there?


1965’s, car and jazz, or I was not jazz, funk and soft rock is closely linked.

Car CM song I think it was a stylish also music video.

And I want to try to make myself longing anyway, with or made without permission until the original CM song consider yourself a car design (laughs).

Kneaded without permission until the casting of the people who appeared in CM, darken it to the proposal, there may be brought in to Ginza of Nissan Gallery.

To accept beautiful woman, “This, Could you see?” I.


── terrible too episode ……! (Lol) 


It sticker has been sent later.

I’d had no direct answer, I was happy to thought that I was not “completely ignored”.





── So you were creative people from around that time.

But it is lined with really different styles music, for example reggae number “SOUL pain SOUL” is did you make to any wind?


This song, called Mighty Crown, reggae team rather trusted names in overseas than in Japan is in Honmoku.

The rhythm track they came I recorded in Jamaica, because I me a gift to, that on the vocal team of melody and lyrics of CKB, I think I’m co-operation, which finished on top of the sound of the playing team.

Since I also live in Honmoku, it is that it can be said that the collaboration was established precisely because it was your neighborhood each other.


── by the music, it’s How to make even a mixed.


That’s right.

Some patterns that we make from the track, it There is also a pattern of classic songwriting going to form little by little from me singing.





── At the same, I think there is a sense of saudade this time.

While it is nimble drive music, it has also drifted heavily something like sadness.


As the first to talk, but I had no concept of the album, it is that it’s the year of the milestone this time CKB is 20 anniversary aware.

Or rather “the beginning of the end”, the band also life also entered the second half of the season I think and wonder if came out “twilight feeling”.

That said, Yuzo Kayama on top of us as well, because also reported comes every one of the Buena Vista Social Club.

Probably 78 years old doing 20 years I have from now. It’s still a youngster, and wonder if some time is had by thugs mood


── (laughs).


At a local senior, I have a locker of the legend that CHIBOW’s Sukabando that SKA-9 (71 years old!).

To the people is also my role model, to have also Mighty Crown was talk earlier in the juniors. The state that received a stimulus from top to bottom.





── Yokoyama-san, always Are there any secret you are in active service?


Well, I guess is that’s right …… “new do not deny the thing”.

And fetch the year, we made quite a lot I who will to enter from negative.

Of course, but not that good if anything positive, I think that “I wonder if coming from the denial is not it too good?”.

I want to determine from trying anything.

Until you play myself at Nippon Budokan, “It is not also good Anna place sound, will no fun I was something played” I’d had prejudice like a, because it was fun actually good messed up sound If you try .



Even now that has passed from the debut 20 years, CKB to always keep at the forefront of the scene.

Its powerful driving force is, Will a what if there is a “naughty curiosity” completely unchanged Yokoyama’s since I was a child.

Finally the next, we will introduce the music of Yokoyama’s recommendations.



Photo: SUGIE Takuya (TRON) gathering and statement: Takanori Kuroda


ken yokoyama

1960 born. It launched the 1997 Crazy Ken Band, major debut in 2009. Celebrated its 2017 formation 20th anniversary, announced the "ALL TIME BEST ALBUM" love of the world "". This year, it released a brand new album to be the first time in three years celebrated its 20th anniversary debut "GOING TO A GO-GO".