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There is laughter and sex appeal. Japanese classical literature is full of vitality! !



Guru of Yamaguchi Nakayoshi teacher of classical literature research.

While changing the look round and round, was please telling the “fun of the classic”.

Classical languages ​​is, rhythmically like a song that Dasa spun from up lips of the corners of the mouth queue Innovation.

There is also like a virtuoso narrative that draws the listener into the story, but Yamaguchi teacher himself is likely he one fan that has been fascinated by the life pattern drawn by the classic.



── podium and TV, such as the university, the opportunity but Yamaguchi teacher that he will tell the classic charm, which himself was awakened to the fun of the classic?


Of that taught me the classics, it was a very handsome teacher in high school.

Hakata dolls like a teacher. I did considered whether found in the teacher if.

Another This is the Kkya not so that it is classic.

I was studying I think you try anyway impression.

I wish the teacher said, “I from the test of the part-of-speech decomposition of Tsurezuregusa”, I am willing anymore me.

It was copy the Tsurezuregusa to the two books university notes.

“Tsurezure become” the adjective, “as in” the form noun + case markers, it me or “Higurashi” noun, began to part-of-speech decomposition all the time to the note.

Was I remember at that thanks.

Really it has become stronger in grammar.

For example, the use of adjectives.

“Ku, Ku, and, can, Kere, 〇 (tons), from, borrow, 〇 (ton), mow, 〇 (ton), he” ne me.

Then take advantage of auxiliary verb guess of “no”. “〇 (ton), Meri, Meri, Mel, Melle, 〇 (tons)” or.

Because I remember, the extremely classic has become stronger.

Not a sure somehow better me in high school. Toka that you are facing the yourself.

But, for now, we made an effort to be recognized to the teacher.

The result wonder if Toko me it has led to the current.


── If in high school listening to the episode that had been longing to teacher of classical, you remember the passage of Sei Shōnagon wrote “The Pillow Book”.

Sei Shōnagon says, monk to read the Sekkyo is … .


Probably Akiradan I “face to be well”?

“Sekkyo instructors face good.” This woman’s emotions’s Mon, absolute likely.

It is nice face of the monk to preach, to become me “Oh. Nice!”.

I When the bad face, even if I already good ~.

It becomes I – I do not what to feel to hear.

Popular secret of Sei Shōnagon is to catch things in a very lowbrow mind.

And that we say such a thing in cold blood.

Such a place that her strength. (In “The Pillow Book” mid – Heian period, essay written by Sei Shōnagon)

I also work hard to study because the classic teacher was handsome, but I’m certainly test was taken a good number ….

The teacher I, I did got married to a lovely lady colleagues ~ ~!

…… is thus is of me was a broken heart sadly! !

Then Japanese literature, did you go to college to learn the national language studies.

Because there was a tea Large (Ochanomizu University), I went to language studies in the bottom of the Literature Department.





── So I set foot to finally study of the road.

From the proceeds to college, how did you touch the world of the classic in the?


Immediately entered in the Ochanomizu University, I was forced to read the “variant pseudonym”.

Because variants pseudonym was I that Kunyakunya Kunyakunya ~ character.

Because those of the era of just could hiragana, it’s a little look as well as Chinese characters.

For example, now, but there is only one hiragana for the sound of “Oh”, I have a several types of long ago.

Hiragana, which came from the “Ali”, hiragana, which came from the “love”, hiragana, which came from the “evil”, I Toka. Everyone read as “A”.

It has been read the classic written in such “variant pseudonym”.

“What In any of your Hontoki, Nyogo, or firstborn, some of givin Amata Sabra non-spherical, but unexpected rough for their intended Yangotonaki KIHA, there Tokimekitamafu excellent keri” or.

The is written in a variant pseudonym that I Kunyakunya ~.

I, I do not it will be this to be read fluently.

Not a burning and see there is no character that you have ever seen?

It also had to memorize become hard. To “A”, it is this character this character and this character, I.

Write your own, I learned to practice. Soshitara, we have been able to read. It has become happy.

I am happy that the reading of the variant pseudonym!

When a small child has to remember the character, not the feel happy When you read the writing are shaped.

In the same way, it is nice to read.

Meaning something even without Wakan separately, I am glad that may be able to read fluently.

Immediately entered the university, the teachers who have not done such a thing.

When most curious, it did let me try new things.


── and it has been first fun to read the classical languages, Yamaguchi teacher says while shining sparkling a pupil.

As a teacher Of particular favorite is talk “Past and Present story collection (below, Past and Present)” It seems to be. ( “Past and Present story collection” narrative collection is the Heian period was written in the late.)


Is that so. It is the past and present, do you like (a) to (k) men’s.

In etch, because jokes packed. Ha ha!

After that, I have had a recommendation of how to read the past and present, there Vol. 31 in total, we have a 1040 Yowa.

If my reading is say what kind, do not try to read from the beginning!

It’s so classic Toka everything, I start reading from there if there is a place interesting to watch Flip.

This is I trick to continue, absolute. Not that there is no anything be interesting Nante story of Buddha that is toward the beginning of the past and present.

Not that kind of, it is good from entering from the story of the secular part of Japan. Toka story of a woman thief.

More and more went in the servants the men with charm, No train doing it Pishi’ whip in Soi.





── And sexy woman dressed as a man, it is a scene that whip the man! ( “Past and Present Story Collection” – winding 29 3 of than “that of known enchanting woman thief to the people”)


Yes Yes! Thats feel the charm and go read from Toka Aiu talk.

A little while ago of “The Pillow Book” When was the story of the “sermon of the instructors face a good …… I N!? What do you mean ??” will be me.

You read from Toko I had felt that “do?”.

It was naughty talk “What what?

Likely “or Is the writing is obscene that, I think No go with such interest.

Is good to go into from a place called “like it is written that a something interesting.”

I say “I will help you to learn”, not the absence of anything even interesting.

Is not it a word to attract the eyes had read Para Para, the good even naughty to.

When coming out or “Mara”, “e, e, E’!?” It made me, past and present say “I Mara” Save!

Because there is a literature of Mara (s).


──Words of surprise from  smiled To smile Yamaguchi teacher. And hung on the teacher to continue the cheerful talk, we will enter the world of jerk To Past and Present.


I “TsuBi” from it. No say so that the women of the array.

Say “I if Kere borrow want is to withstand flame of TsuBi”, it located in the Past and Present also talk that Akutagawa Ryunosuke was acclaimed.

In the story of Mara, it there is such a funny story.

A man, there is an errand to stay go to the region. With her servants had stayed in the house of Gunji.

Not falling asleep at night, when you see around, water is also dripping a good woman looked. But the man I was I thought the Do’s wife of Gunji, Nde so much charming, crept in with the place of the woman.

At first, but we were shown a state in which the refuse is also a woman, but I eventually gave me acceptance. So, man is “unexpected roasted in the bosom” of the woman.

In other words, I tried to sex.

Then, “If a man of Mara itching wants to Yau the” woman, in other words, the woman was Kochokocho over there.

I thought, “I wonder did you do”, when I touch the over there of their own, not there …!

My dick is gone. Impatient man is going home from the place of the woman.

While consternation, this to say to his servants.

“You, I dare to go because there is a good woman over there.”

His servants came back and went the same way to the place of the woman, has been downhearted.

Men come back as downhearted went one after another.

Everyone, not that chat Torare the Mara.

The next day, the men were starting on the fly and thought, “This house is a strange house.”

Then, from behind, “Hey, Hey,” a voice called a.

So was everyone frightened. And then servants of Gunji and “forget yo I massaged!” Has brought the wrapping cloth.

When I opened the wrapping cloth, the Pole had entered one nine.

But, they are a package at a time “Use unexpected”. Had disappeared

When the men keep the dick, Mara was back.

“There was, there was” everyone was pleased with.

I mean, the men had been multiplied by the illusion.

It faked as if there is no Mara by illusion, and, for a story that was disguised as if it were back.

( “Past and Present Story Collection” – winding 20 10 than “in the reign of Yozei Institute Takiguchi, upcoming went to the use of gold”)

But I’s. A detailed psychology of man when Mara is gone, Past and Present story collection is not written in the absolute.

This is interesting!

It is better to have read, the “man of the people would have been no matter how impatient, Naa’m cold sweat Porori”, it can be read to imagine.

Past and Present story is, I do not almost a psychological description.

The Tale of Genji opposite of.

( “The Tale of Genji” in the mid – Heian period, Murasaki Shikibu feature story that was established)

The Tale of Genji, at that time thought so, I was going to do so, and become worried that you would think if everyone Once you do that, be described with drilled a fine into the psychology of that time to a fine.





── “not a psychological description” it is the uniqueness of the Past and Present story, and.

From a reader, how will the Hairikomeru to the story of the world.


Because not a psychological description, No read straightforward naughty story.

And say why, it becomes very nasty After depicting the psychology of the time say “I porridge the Mara wants”.

It is the past and present, also there is not the Nante talk to medical examination the secret part of the woman.

I doctor is’ve got to examination the secret part of women, do not write any Nante doctor’s feelings at the scene.

Although it looks let me open the front of the woman “not be seen at in the hair”, very much the state can not see well.

So “te more than a hand (with), there the Investigation (sag) lever” there was a red swelling those in the immediate vicinity of the secret part.

Scene Nante to medical examination the secret of the woman, I do not write in (writer) arm of the ordinary.

‘Cause becomes disgusting. However, the past and present of the author, to dry, wrote a Manma seen.

“In the Yau of the crotch of snow White, if you look at is divided can 搔 the hair with a little face swelling or. (Snip) left and right hands, things become. Should refrain from the dedicated” to the wind that, will be performed by continuing to jerk examination .

( “Past and Present Story Collection” – winding 24 8 of than “woman, escape Guru thing cure acne and go to the house of the doctor”)

Because Past and Present story collection of charm, to the sex of the depiction to dry without the psychological description.

This is I know most of the charm.

As you find this kind of appeal would classic is getting fun.


── say bold sexual depiction, or is it also just feel like going to be or sales pitch became a sensational it, in the “Past and Present,” it was that obvious.


I think the difference (of feeling) and when you are reading a modern novel.

No nasty also nasty talk to some one cushion.

Harsh story also, very it is obediently accepted if classic.

That’s a modern story, it may sometimes think I (even in the same story as the classic) “That’s no lie! Arikko”.

Classic if “such a thing, could have been,” said there is a merit that obediently accepted.

It is, word difference is large. It will be a word “Mara”. Also it is said that the terms of the modern word, hesitate is put out to the very mouth.

Since not in the modern language say “I Mara” But I read first while I think “What? What of it?”.

Then, “Oh, yes. No of sense -” examine not that I think.

There is a one-cushion that the difference of language.

Thanks, enjoy the “warm fuzzy and the fun” that does not taste in modern times.

It is I charm of classic! “(That’s kanji, Mongamae cattle) Mara” If you are, have been written in the way referred to the modern language, what do you think?





── UU Mmm, it is a direct words! 

Than to promote reading, … you might win the embarrassment .


I? Not I would think I “another Yada. Let elsewhere to read”.

Without it if classic, honestly enjoy.


── has somehow become I wanted to read more of the “Past and Present story”.

It would be recommended to start reading from?


Please read the story of the winding 31 from the winding 27. Story full of secular part.

Well, give me enjoying think that three-sided article in the newspaper.

Where, who, what, when and why was the, since has been how to write that.

Because one episode short single episode there is also because easy to read.

For example, a woman was married to a man. But man feel like is a strange business.

When the woman try to explore, man was a thief.

Woman says “Anta, I please quit Nante thief”.

Then the man had killed his wife angry. THAT IS IT

Will not psychological description Datte newspaper article?

At the same same. Full there’s the kind of talk is past and present.

Try to read I think three-sided article.


── as dry depiction of “Past and Present story collection,” So you are the classic work contains a lot of personality.

The personality found in addition to the classic works such as The Tale of Genji?


The Tale of Genji I psychology. Go wrote bored fine to enter the fine.

And we divided draw a person.

Gonna that this kind of psychology is such woman, gonna incense the people of this kind of appearance, and.

Takumi of divided draw. This is really fun!

It can be seen from the surface of the words used by Murasaki Shikibu.

To epithet women, “supple”, “I was a nerd,” “Azaaza”.

Because people who stand out terribly glamorous is on top of the purple, No to epithet to make the word “Azaaza”.

I No would make from the word “brilliant”.

It’s wise man “Kezake seat”. Thus made from the word “Kezayaka”.

A little weak women will “supple” and “the was nerd”.

I There is a charm to go separately to draw to do this.

It’ll be Omowasa and quite say “I bet should see or,” “bastard ~!” (Laughs).

( “Door should see or” late in the Kamakura period, Fukakusa Council diary that Article is spelled)

Fukakusa Institute Article of the writer, could allow himself to various people.

It also Toka hospital. When invited story of the woman going to do with everyone feeling “Atashi, will is – of not refuse because the weak.”





── What … .. . Fukakusa Institute Article I’m sure, I guess it was incredibly beautiful woman ~.


It is I do not know whether or not the beautiful woman! The “shooting should see or” was written, the Kamakura period.

In spite of not being questioned, the story that Fukakusa Institute Article of the author of “I, we’ll get told!” And we said that of the Toka Toka Emperor hospital.

So, not a not written that it is beautiful is that of their own.

Well, I guess a beautiful woman, hospital Toka Toka Toka Emperor Minister, look – do such because wants to have sex with her.

Cormorant. You can not do Good even much so so sexy without’m beautiful.

Izumi Shikibu something also Omoshiroku’.

( “Izumi Shikibu Nikki” peace representative of the era love Oki gifts scene is often diary of female poet Izumi Shikibu is spelled waka)

In terms of reading the “Izumi Shikibu Nikki”, Speaking of those to take advantage from it in modern times, “What should I do in order to be liked by men!”

For example, I a talk at the beginning of Izumi Shikibu diary. There is a story that sent the letter from a man to a woman.

Male brother, woman was love. But the older brother died.

So brother, sent me to the woman flowers of Tachibana. The I Tachibana of flowers, I No flowers that become edge Shinobu old people.

Soshitara woman “than the nostalgic your brother who died at Tachibana of flowers, gonna want to listen to Your voice directly, I” would put the motion I.

Come to me of the place! When.

( “Izumi Shikibu Diary” – than “to Transient world-fragrant incense than a dream.”)

This is another, I way to attract men. Men are such that want to come, a woman is directing!

It’s mouth Ino horse.

When you learn that sort of a, “Izumi Shikibu Nikki” from “what to do to be liked by man”.

When was the Tale of Genji, “what kind of woman that is attractive when viewed from the man”.

It may also learn man from the Tale of Genji, Toka mouth like a source of light in order to be liked by a woman do if cry skillfully.

The Tteyuu not liked the man, mouth of a calyx.

From the point of view of “communication”, The Tale of Genji is often learn.

For example, women far from returnable to the source of light is not a have a few people.

To say “I love you you is the best. The following is when I have been waiting since come to when”, and “You are my best I think people” but, reminiscent to each woman.

– I can not quite. Hehehe.





── It is scary Tara Barre … !


But scary in modern times, because it is commonplace at the time.

But still, hide skillfully the fact that in addition to also have a woman.

I’m have to say Sei Shōnagon in “The Pillow Book”, and “in Nante story of another woman! I hate no man to talk of another woman!”.

Not a likely Datte modern woman ‘s heart?

For example, if I like this man? “She Yo that I had been dating before, cooking – is in the calyx. I was chucking Yan’na'” Once Nante said to boyfriend.

I think I “I Yeah, I are you doing looking at that of a woman doing this person this way. I’ll speak ill to her next also of me.”

But it has been talked about a variety of classic works, even the view from the point of view of from the text history, interesting No.

Past and Present story collection of sentences, and each other kanji is written large, of the particle and the auxiliary verb and utilization endings are written in small katakana.

But I’m hard to read if you are lumpy, a matter of fact, it’s a pioneer of Chinese characters katakana mingled sentence of now of Japanese sentences.

It’s there is also significance of such sentence ever, I Past and Present.

Once upon a time, the Japanese have borrowed so did not have the character of the Chinese characters from China, I tried to Kakiarawaso the Japanese. But, because the Chinese characters is a character to represent the Chinese, very No inconvenient.

Somehow and Naranka, it made the katakana and hiragana suitable for representing the Japanese from Chinese characters.

It is from the text with a focus on hiragana was born a lot of peace female literary works such as “The Tale of Genji”.

In the Heian period, No various types of sentences are written.

Edmond wrote only in Chinese characters, variants not read in Chinese but is written only in Chinese characters Chinese characters, kanji katakana mingled with statements such as past and present, probably Hiragana sentence.

To select the Japanese from among them, it No modern Chinese characters Kana and Pepper statement was in the text of the Japanese.

What time the Japanese was to hand the characters that can be freely expressed, to cut the dam, it has created a lot of literary works. It is very interesting.



Even though in classical literature and bite, personality possessed by every single story is infinite variety.

That’s why, leading also to the modern complex intertwined life “fun” seem to be alive to the classics.



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nakami yamaguchi

1943, Shizuoka Prefecture, was born. Ochanomizu University sentence Faculty of Education graduation.
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, National Language Literature Department of MFA.
Literature Dr. Served Kyoritsu Women's Junior College Associate Professor, Meikai professor, Jissen Women's University Professor, Saitama University professor, a Meiji University professor.
Retired 2014. Currently, Saitama University professor emeritus.
Classical style, the history of the Japanese, is known as a researcher of onomatopoeia.
12th Kyosuke Kindaichi Dr. Memorial Award in 1987, the 55th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Esse in 2007,
winning such as ist Club Award.
Purple Ribbon in 2008 Japanese studies.