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Arafif women are the golden age of sex. How to attract men with fascinating sex appeal?



To enjoy life, even at what age it is essential to “love” and “sex”.

But that Looming in front of the Arafifu of MOC readership, physical strength of the decline and lonely, sexless, such as such as the heart, taken thirst ….

Men and women who have had a “What? I adult SEX” This kind of trouble that “there is a resistance to overlaying the skin,” “in his Nante love anymore ……” is of very many.

The hear advice on “adult of love and sex,” the mind and body are met, Chika’s Asami sex counselor in the love therapist.

Interview In the first round, with a focus on Arafifu woman visited by a large change in the mind and body, MOC editor-in-chief (Arafifu) and writer (Arasa) will be happy you teaching in Asami teacher for adult love situation.


── It is said that interviewed a realistic love circumstances of the wide range of people while looking forward to the adults of love, but Asami’s also Arafifu women alone that the 53-year-old this year.

“Women tend to increase the libido placing your age” has been whispered to plausible and. How do you see the sex of this generation through Mr. Asami the interview?


I also approaching the menopause, we are to realize the modulation of the woman’s body.

Say about sex and …, women think that sexual desire is up per Arafifu.

Would not you rather the best age.

Especially from the 42-year-old may enjoy the best sex until about 48 years old.

I met a variety of people and you in an interview, what the wind in but I got to ask you whether you are having sex, I woman who hits the age of the six years, I’m most people is fun.


──42 I’m bloom is “six years of gold” from the year-old. However it is the reality is not a few people who begin to walk the away life from sex from around 40 generations.

We will’m Why are spent Mottainaku the precious golden age.


When gather classmates, women who are away from the sex he says. “No longer ‘s body be shown to the people,” “sex at this age is embarrassing,” “troublesome” is generally seemed in this for three reasons.

And such women usually, I’m not in love.

But I want you to fall in love with you.

Let’s start with love, not just sex.






── 3 one of the reasons that people tend include women who are away from love.

Perhaps because it is no longer able to have confidence in your body and age somehow.

First of all it is that important to regain the feeling that the “love”, do you have what the switch to enter the love mode?


Or try watchful fashionable or try to change the woman if makeup and hairstyle.

When the seedlings are feeling that “I want to see myself become beautiful”, it becomes the energy.

Then, much surprised that the people around, I’m passing do any good woman. “That, in love?” Is also seen people who do not know at all that would be noticed with.

It leaves also bleeding sex appeal, facial expressions and gait changes.

Woman you are going to work in a light gait becomes bright voice as “good morning ♪” am pretty yo ~!


── It is that the forward accustomed unlikely to regain a clean their own, thereby charm also increase.

But it was important I to raise their motivation also for motel.

By the way it is there are many people who have the age is when the home of Arafifu, I frankly woman, Will no longer be seen as love and sex of the subject If you lost interest in her husband?


Almost no, and I hope to say!

For bonds of as a person is certainly the case that the husband can not be the target of sex is not uncommon.


── I received the shock of pointed and from men.

Sonaruto of married people find love and sex of the other side, the other side will think the tricky so.

I Arafifu of the meeting, there is what?


If women find a partner, most dating.

It is each other matching is easy if the purpose is sex.

In its other, but there is also a pattern that the introduction of a friend, do you know that “married people blind date”?

Normal is married version of blind date. Participants are many in their 40s, about 45 years old to 50-year-old too is What main.


── Wow! Does everyone of the participants I’m in a real face? …… or wearing a mask?


‘M your real face (laughs). Parenting and human paragraph, it’s people who have their own time is look for an opponent in married joint party.

Only married people will participate.





── it’s surprisingly open. Back I adult social field is deep ….

But I knew I would hesitate to set foot.

It might be a high hurdle and from the long silence of people in love.


That is is the other when the hobby is often a cue.

Tennis and surfing, I like things like both men and women can participate, such as volleyball.

I like golf, but it is one of the hobby can become acquainted with men.

It will come the opportunity to talk to are in the kind of community.

Point of the conversation, that in order to get to know yourself.

Women, please try to appeal to their favorite things in the conversation.

Men “Oh In doing so, I’m keen on this kind of food. So, it’s likely to set up a strategy and will “let’s invite to that shop.

If you find the conversation continues, it is that the other party has me interested.

Carefully observe the men of facial expressions and eyes shine when you have a conversation, let’s do not miss the change.

What a man of the people, to things their own good at bounces conversation that became a topic, but it is fun.

And are careful to such a place, is it easy to get along.


── Is certainly women’s favorite foods and movies, easily multiplied by the voice and such as is known events.

When the advance should give their information to men, it does progress can be expected.


And also point gesture in conversation. Casual skin store has the effect.

Or recombinant legs, or show a decollete line is “your’ll have heard with interest the story” and leaning forward.

If the women’s long hair, but it is also attractive to fliers the nape by connecting the hair.

Men There is a thing to one of the gesture to the unnerving of “fliers the” inside “of the woman’s arm.”

While becoming addicted to conversation, suddenly show the inside of the upper arm.

Or lift the hair, or touch the upper arm, in a nonchalant only flow.

And if you feel the gaze of men, please hide straight upper arm.


── Do you hides?


Hidden things will want to see.

Even in sex, when you are spread out unabashedly leg would sometimes not unexpectedly intrigued.

And allowed seems to “Naa’s beautiful skin”, it hides.


Tricks There gesture hidden charm

Leg casually reclassify movement of cross

· Decollete line is keep in fascinated is the moment that raised the conversation

Appeal a smooth nape in-Summary hair

Fashion is also Good to let fliers the upper arm





── It is psychological warfare ~.

To the care of to keep the whole body shiny it is very but, upper arms, decollete, you also feel likely to hang in there somehow if we squeeze the site, such as the legs.


If you want to shorten the further two people of the relationship from here, we recommend the “poke touch”.


──Poke touch?


It is a body touch. We got to morose men of the body with the index finger.

Point at this time, to start a touch from a distance.


Shorten the distance of the heart knowledge of “morose touch”

one. Morose is to start from a distance. Recommended is, from the bottom to the top in the order of the thigh → arm → cheek

two. Casually and morose aiming at the sudden, crush degree is up!


Although thighs morose will be allowed to pounding, why not somehow happy and be morose the cheek?

There is also a touch feel the female-specific maternal instinct. Morose touch is okay to try to try other than the seat of liquor.

When morose when rather casual, men may harbor a favorable impression with the “Do’s cute woman”.

Please try to as “Tsun'” at the timing at which the men removed a moment and gaze that by far the mind.


── “do you like about me? ! And “misunderstanding to will likely ….

It seems also like the technique for advanced users of love, but do expect when I have more than fun each other …… it is!


Men think there are that suffer Do you Sasoo a woman to any date.

When you invite people to be worried about, please try to try to provide what you like of the woman.

In other words, it makes up the tension.

For example, delicious things to eat After the tension is rising in date, also I think you can become fun and then sex.

It is “to open the foot, first from the fact that open the mind”.


── mind is ahead of relationship is it is that ideal. While the basic to avoid the trouble, your opponent is recommended for Arafifu woman would be kind of person?


I think I even younger even older. It’s subtle age I Arafifu.

To want powerful is with the youth, older sense of security is also pleasant. Older if to myself that Sarakedase, because what good is not eager.

Really, greedy Arafifu generation!

Older wonder but would be younger, but is a good age to enjoy the love and sex.





── When you are a woman comfortably sex Arafifu, it seems brighter way of the 100-year life period.

In order to enjoy sex, do you have me a good thing if women keep?


First of all, be a masturbation. The time zone is important. Morning, let’s when that happened.

It is good to start with a bed before taking the body. It’s a wettable body building in the morning of masturbation.

OK alone touch the clitoris. Please try proceeding, such as put a finger Once patience can be longer.

Sensitivity is improved by doing so, you can enjoy more sex.

Why to that whether the morning than at night there is a reason.

Because night has accumulated fatigue during the day, sexual desire also become weak tend. I think you have been wrapped in slumber I suitable time of just get up in the morning.

And masturbation when such, Chaimashou swallowed in good waves of feelings.


── sometimes ends up flopping in the preparation of the morning, but It’ll it would be early in the morning if an adult woman should have a margin ……!

Should you have to continue?


Once you try this it becomes daily routine.

Was recommended to a woman friend of the entertainer, it she was pleased with not only me to practice “sexual desire has been up. Thank you for teaching me!” (Laughs).

Conversation at the beginning of love, nor place to feel at Sex, First “that he likes, that feel good feeling” from place to know.

What adult of love, it can also be considerate that of the other party precisely because it has been found that of myself.

Why do not you start that way, love also will also be very fun and sex.


Or become timid in love, everyone of Arafifu that is to cold feet in sex.

People who are also taking one step while embracing the same trouble is had already, it seems to enjoy the love and sex.

First recall the thrill of when you are in love. Then let’s gradually raise the condition of mind and body.

It will deliver a more deep Arafifu love situation in the next interview.


Statement: Mai Suzuki Illustration: Machida land


Chika Asami

Writer-love therapist Sex counselor.
FM radio personality, through such as Medical Association secretary,
in 2008, participated in the Red Ribbon is an AIDS prevention educational activities.
Based on the wealth of counseling experience as a love therapist and his own experience, start the writer activity.
"Weekly SPA!", "Shukan Gendai", "Weekly true story", "Weekly Asahi Performing Arts", beside to appear, contributor to magazines such as "adult style", writing books, e-books.
In his book, "I always have to put up" (Reader's note published), "The Secret of Sex" (Reader's note published), "a woman is coveted Sex Collection" (Kasakurashuppansha), "I love how naughty adult" (CLAP) "law of sex to attract the truth of love" (CLAP), "nice middle age life" (KK Ronguserazu), "Sex enjoy from the 50s" (Kasakurashuppansha), "real lOVE · real SEX" (Muso sha), there is a "LOVE Therapy" (TOMOKA name · KK Ronguserazu).

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