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Who is Muranishi Toru? Long interview with the protagonist of Naked Director



Mr. Toru Muranishi of the topic in the Netflix “naked supervision”.

Charismatic AV director who built an era in adult video history.

Leaving the top of the results in the encyclopedia of sales of English, and to advance to the AV industry, taken from the scout, himself an actor has been referred to as doing “Emperor of the AV”.

In the eventful lifetime, experience already up to bankruptcy from the establishment of the company.

50 I thought whether Banjikyusu had also liabilities billion, that to pay off the challenge while debt in any business, played a nice comeback.

The secret of the strength of such Muranishi director, Apparently the “words of power”.

The topic of the new book “Forbidden persuasion surgery looms for writing secret story of traded story method”.



── So since you started the interview, recorded …… recorder .


It is a recording ~.

Yes, fine

Really, I am troubled is taken in secret.

Just because that reporters did not take the scoop, do you be forgiven me I’m recording with secret?


── today, we will Shikato to be recorded!

And say in secret, from Fukuda Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, it is a matter that the reporter of TV Asahi is subjected to sexual harassment.

Six months from the beginning of the new year, “sexual harassment” is I’ll decorate the frequently top news.


She is not said to be “Are you sure you want to the recording or” Will was considerably off guard Fukuda officer.

The where the information obtained, it is particulars also surprise that flow to the Shukan Shincho rather than in-house.






── off guard guess is that enemy.

Muranishi coach this spring, “forbidden persuasion surgery traded story Act  was written a technique that does not say” no “.”

It just went on sale in March, but many sales strong bookstores out of stock.

I did not expect to be so hit?


There is no such a thing at all.

The first place I did not want to write this book.

This is because “traded story method” Nante theme of the book because we commonplace.

But I editor gave me press the back with “Let’s by all means write”.

Editor says is the first of this.

“Please write as you like of supervision!” He said.

So I wrote the manuscript kneaded the dough, we have your showcase.

Then was I see the wonderful sentence of “supervision. But! I both will have deviated from the theme to be published. Young person is although I’m afraid to say this kind of cheeky things on a large teacher, this is now point of view thank you for your writing from the repetition of …… so and so “.

Many times has been allowed to rewrite.

“The other, bet on your own! “And now want to cry, but proceed with brush and patience, I finally one book was completed.

When the finished book try to re-read it yourself, we have impressed quite why to me what write a sentence with such swing width, and.

The editor also, it will be able to pull out the part where the author himself did not know until now.





──The traded discourse, discourse, which is effective as when “persuasion” is needed in the communication between people.

This book introduces the actual story method example the episode of the salesman era of supervision to the main shaft.

Or thanks to the story tailoring, was drawn as if looking at the drama.


It will us praise ~.

It is good ~! It would come out motivated.

Because I am alive 70 years, experience that not even this does not even ah about traded story method we have stored about mountain.

After the aim of a book can not write only to you, it becomes books like this kind of life theory.

When I decided to write this book, I thought, “I want to interesting book.”

There is a know-how this, but I was thinking that there is also in the entertainment book.

Such as it is written somewhere in the book, there is no want for the present, such as have heard somehow.

I read a person is satisfied with the “I’m glad to buy”, I wanted to provide one book Ruru can feel that “such a book, did not you have read until now.”

Such a phrase, Anna point of view, was packing his own real-world experience in the wind that episode …… at that time.

By make the episode, not only the technical aspects of the reply story method, as its significance and value is more emerged, I think while self-flattery.





── In the business scene has been recognized as a skill of “communication skills” is one, but the reply story method is a technique that just to facilitate the exchange between people.

In reply story method, or you can polish what capacity?


Things that the word is to have a very large force.

Are you sure you want to say that the biggest weapon for the human beings. Come, it is in everyone would like you to re-check the “words of power”.

From now on it will be difficult times to sell things. And, it would be regarded as a work to sell things is a third-rate.

Tomosureba “mono-selling work of the window group,” is beginning to be recognized in the wind that. But there is no way such a thing.

Work to sell things is the liver in capitalist society. That sell things, because we thing to create a demand.

Creation of demand? It is that of what the heck, why necessary.

Human life is if, water and air, if you’re just missing a minimum of food, clothing and shelter, human richness, civilization, development of science and technology would not have been impossible.

Greed that “is better that was better than nothing.” “Let’s aim at a more prosperous life.” “Another, I want na”.

Such a greed, we have secured our rich life.

“Among this it will never be raw, I want to taste a richer life, and I want to on my thing” because there is a desire that.

Beginning if there is only of product offerings meet their desire, human beings brings richness to capitalist society.





── to the mediation of the desire and the goods offered, is a salesman is a mono of the seller, does it there to coach with strong emphasis?


Demand of the product, not something that can be aroused only by commercials and newspaper ads.

People and the people are against phase, it is what born thinking of the other party.

To the person in front of you and was trying to sell things. I think the seller should do.

The person’s humanity and now of heart pattern, sense of beauty, personality, background …… the first one to think about such things to the total.

In addition, consider whether the goods provided Te more than any words.

It is that it provides the views and perceptions of the product, I word becomes a weapon.

For things that did not think also I want to now I am become a feeling that “Let’s buy”, either relative with a kind word.

You can think and act these things is a salesman.

In an era where things are everywhere, salesman is important.

We would like to reaffirm once again for the prestigious position.

Hundreds of the world, Yale from me for a salesman of tens of millions of people, you will find this “forbidden persuasion surgery traded story method”.





── by making full use and development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, man is now considered of being replaced by the AI.

What are your thoughts about the impact of AI?


If you ask from me, nonsense is to overestimate the AI.

Because AI has been completed in an electronic computer which comes into before and after 1950.

At the time, the computer can calculate hundreds of digits in an instant has emerged.

Human beings in such a surface is, is not it very does not have an enemy in the AI.

But the AI ​​is, it can not be suggested that the human race did not Mamie phase.

Although it is possible to create a combination of “what appears to it,” based on the accumulation of past data, to provide a “not to have been exactly the idea” is, would be impossible to AI.

The human body is made up by tens of trillions of cells.

And they spark cells, we flash to each other in response to infinity is born.

Human beings have a lot of ability.

Inspiration was born from the spark, digitizing can not emotion, the carrier that has been piled up, now of force to feel the air.

In this kind of human power, AI can not compete.

So I thing that not enough to AI is Ruru fear for me. Everyone.





── AI guess is that resulted in a major change, however, the limit is to ensure.


Yeah, you may not be able to AI. It is, to give the impression that make up things, is to please the people.

For example, novel. Novel to impress people in the AI ​​will not write. The music is also so.

If so say that AI is great, if say the ability is that it is infinite, good to try to make a song to clients Hamasaki Ayumi.

Look at making now of great songs like she can comeback.

The AI, you will not be able to or to please or to impress people.

Because AI do not know the death, because do not have the eroticism Speaking more.

If you do not have a eroticism, to not be able to shake the human mind.

Everyone, do you think you and what was that “erotic”?





──Cormorant. You can not do What I would I erotic and try again thinking.


Everyone, △ ◆ 〇 ★ and ◎ ☆ □ Will reminded

Because eroticism, nothing there ‘s things that genital itself and sex.

Life and death, despair and hope, fall with a such a man,’s the yin and yang, excitement of the swing width.

Eros and is, and is lewd, located on the principle of is the source of man’s live action.

If Why do not you your customers is said to be “much will be continue to live a million years”?

Sorrow nor artistic joy, nothing I think we will not feel.

I no emotion if there is no death. It will even then no longer be considered a thing.

We do not come true is to live the time of than 100 million years.

Only 70 years, pounding suspense precisely because of the 80-year life.

This pounding suspense, the heart of the fluctuations and the contrast is what you will find in the Eros.





── is to lead to Eros from the story of AI!

It is a Director unique view that has lived in the world of eroticism.

Emperor and referred to is of AV Ru Muranishi director, it laid the shooting style by the unique “Muranishi talk”.


I want to take a drop of the truth with the subject. There than it was raised spun in words.

Only in the AV world, human beings were the words to weapons or would not have been a me.

Words you, would be very free.

Only heard a word, chest-pounding though does not mean ran the 100m.

Also soon as I hurled a certain word, very painful to’m not beaten. Word about that has a great influence.

Is going spun a world of images in words, it is my work. It contrasts with the subject, yin and yang, in order to bring out the width of the impression, that you have much any word.

I hope, I am great, I am powerful, I would numbness. It is nice ….

Several words to stock of, we use.

In consideration of the personality and background of the subject in total, to create a demand.

This is it leads to the secret of the salesman.

And to spark excitement, but it’s is also a society of demand.





── words to create a demand. New do that Will is a point to create.


The truth is I do not draw only a fake.

For example incest. It is a genre that is popular even AV, there was often come to actually place parent-child incest is my “Please take us.”

“Well, do I try,” I said, I get to show where you are Ita, this is the boring sex.

The other, much yawning is likely out.

This is because such sex is not only in the day-to-day for the person who.

Although there is no sense of immorality is not boring in order.

Humans to excitement, or have set foot in hell and forbidden world, because is contrary to the ethics and morality that should not be committed.

Best to make plays and brought the actor if you want to take that kind of thing. Prepare the father role and daughter role, “I put in the middle,” “I want to look to see thy children”, “Iyayo, not issued in” “It is useless ……” mutual contested the words of each other by that is, people who have seen you are attracted to the “~ do not be doing that these guys amazing !!”.

Zongai, than took the subject of the real, the truth does not draw.

Actor plays “everyone, this kind of thing do is I” I am sure of convincing.





── It is a strong impression that has been leading the industry in aggressive as AV director, himself but is often to be starring in the video, I have a sense of objective analysis.


If you were not for me, it might have been made to the different things the adult industry of today ~.

Criminal record choice, because we have done the production shot in imprisonment choice.

If there is no production, it would have been doing the same thing Innovation – not from Nikkatsu Roman pornography.

If you have followed the flow of that remains, I did not go to eat.

When I say why and how had you evaluation to the public, the reason is two.

Not draw the truth only in the fake, because I took the work with the awareness that.

This is there as I mentioned earlier.

On the other hand, however, real only to the real is I do not (exist).

Have sex, feel, burning, agony, leading to the climax. It does not draw if it is not real.

Combination in good condition both fake and real, and make the video while weaves together in words, others overwhelm work is completed.

Play a drop of that part and a real part of you and let’s draw consciously was my.

The work that would not be, if that is not this person. That face the work to not run away from humans.

Shine the words to the, to study human beings. This is it is that has continued unchanged for a long time.

I have to take a sexual world in the rhythm that deviates from pre-established harmony.

Since went cut in the weapon my words, my own I think in the video is made of.


── Recent AV when compared to the work, but the video of the coach there is a vivid impression, it’s was due to a combination of fake and real.

From the audience, that the impressions that I like the image of time that reaches the ears?


There really. Welcome thing.

I guess, interview of the actress does not almost.

“What’s your name? Your year? Yes, found it! Well, I try to shoot in 〇 day” interview Nante end is this about.

No more is because I do not want to know. After the communication is sufficient in front of the camera.

Once upon a time, we met in Saddle take even minors three times during the one and a half years.

Girl to bring the sister of an identification card in order to disguise the age also stayed.

No way was enclosed the hawk would never deceive me. The will would it have conceit.

Sex crimes in history, but it was unheard of Nante was caught even three times in quick succession, but still I did not go into the prison.

This is because at the trial “was deceived I’m” because we can prove that.

Whether there is no way that need not be fooled by those, Have you consulted a criminal’s.

Then the criminal’s is you come women that want to “performer, met with Mom and Dad went to the house of the woman,” I got to now shoot your daughter of AV, really, minors in this Tsu those is not it? is there a mistake? it is no doubt! high not only to thank you, “in,.

There until Maybe there is also a mercy on you if was deceived by “and.






── experienced arrest and bankruptcy, as was not a life of just smooth sailing.

However, any time, is a Muranishi director had been stood up as Roly.

Other techniques such as reply story method, do you have a way of working and the way of life of the policy?


Do you know the words of Confucius. “Where choice but to his own greed Re Certainly be applied to the people”.

Disciples asked Confucius when there. “The most Among the teachings of the bunch important thing would be what?” Confucius is the answer.

Not “without the people that he has been nasty, and to that I want to,” This is human relations only, I guess principles leading also in the business.

All that is left to another impression my father words. Father was a railway officials, from losing the war, became peddlers of somehow umbrella.

The father suddenly being “Life is a delight to pretend”, it was in the mouth.

Everyone would be feeling that was carrying the old days of people, but it does not disappear from my head.

It is the same Datte business, is very pleased to pretend something AV shooting.

Sex itself also That is right.

To please people, this is I guess the basic in everything.





──the fact that to please the people, leads to do their forces for the sake of people.

Reply story method is also the philosophy of creating a demand of the other party located in the root.

But you might want sometimes referred to as “NO”.

Can you tell me the “techniques that refuse” the director who knows think the traded discourse.


I remember the moments of the world by storm has been Ikeda Riyoko customers in the cartoon “The Rose of Versailles”.

Yet earlier than I claiming to be “Toru Muranishi”.

What was all the beautiful Riyoko customers even if I wanted to take, but she did not want to take.

Now and as soon as that can be dared shoot a promotional video somehow tedious.

Location Hawaii.

Open landscape trees, such as the tree ♪ to become trees of this tree that you lush, luxury hotel room that white grand piano is placed, taken in the world of such a fantasy is there than began.

Ikeda Riyoko sama seems to have me like a such a situation, smoothly passed one day, three days passed ….

I like her beautiful thighs, had been taken to focus the only leg.

However midnight of one day, I have a phone call to my room.

Sweet voice from the handset. “Director’s, or will not make your convenience for your time if it is good.”

It was good to become “Director! ! “And I was at once excited. She should not take an adult woman, the delay.

I take a shower, it was once calm the body. While it is struck by water splash, while speculating the idea such as “…… in what procedure”, I went to the meeting place lounge.

There are hotels of number one grade in Hawaii.

Di In illuminated in the illumination round, to play into the hands of the tropical drinks, Riyoko customers was Irasshai sitting.





── … No way, and that Ikeda Riyoko’s?


~~ from here will deliver a reminiscence of dazzling the supervision Muranishi ~ ~

Ikeda “Director’s, Thank always thank you. … What makes you like my?”

Muranishi “all love”

Ikeda “My thighs, How I wonder?”

Muranishi “I love.”

Ikeda “Yes, thigh line always from my feet because I love, I did the ARK Newsletter taken”

In damn good atmosphere, my heart was dancing. However turn.

Ikeda “I, I hate.”

Her tone of voice is straight lower, it has been changed to Kesso of the face.

Ikeda “My legs from the thigh line, would like the Holocaust. I, I do my feet hate!”

Muranishi “No ~! It is not true!”

Ikeda “Director’s, is ask. Please do not take absolutely thighs of the line from the foot from tomorrow.”

My feelings that had flared up to it as if it had been poured cold water. That is flinched can not be refuted.

Ikeda “…… But you know Director’s, my legs from thigh line, If you liked you so much, you decide to get together in a room from now? Any number is fine No gotten a look.”

Now I would, “Thank you!” And we will answer immediately.

But at that time, to her sudden words I just stunned.

In the sense of responsibility that must be taken from tomorrow, and confusion I do not know what to you say to put the mystery from the adult female, head I have become panic.

Then she stood up with the pack, and fluttering beautifully the hem of the long dress, … that was Ika disappeared into the elevator hall with a laugh Nante’s “Ohohohohoho ~”.


── It is a racy exchange ~!

It is prone to or aggravated the story the way is a clumsy otherwise specified, resulting in broken relationships is trying to refute.


It was really your good stated otherwise complain.

So comforting not to offend the opponent, but my intention is tell properly.

And while passing the muscle. Yet opponent out of position and protect sure.

The magic of such a clever words, I was intoxicated. Indeed, it created a masterpiece, “The Rose of Versailles” studded beautifully Judiciously words, is the cartoonist representative of Japan.

Splendor of that “refuse” can be found here.

Just make himself of opinion is not a purpose.

While maintaining the relationship with the other party, or aim at the goal with any communication.

I learned such a thing otherwise noted how from Ikeda Riyoko clients.



Precious episode of his youth also will tell, funny such a scary, such as …… !

From being with Kikitodoke I want plug the ear, Director unique that have signed a last-minute exchange of human beings.

However, technique is the should be able to polish anyone.

In order to create salesman of our whole country, valuable demand, to do the job proudly, do not continue to brush up the power of words?

In the next interview, we hear talk something, whether that Meguriae to the vocation, for the driving force in the business.


Photo: Chihiro EIE statement: Mai Suzuki


toru muranishi

September 9, was born in 1948. Fukushima Prefecture born, after Tokyo, bartender, salesman of English teaching materials, through the TV game leasing the "back book of the emperor," but be arrested become a nationwide wanted list. After that to this day is the AV supervision. Criminal record 7 conviction (one conviction in the United States out). So far produced 3,000 pieces of AV, it has been stared the back between the knee and the knee of 7000 women.
Creator of "facial shower" "lunches". And sees itself as the "Showa last of erotic thing nurses", it has been referred to as the "Emperor of AV".
In October 2016, published was spelled half a lifetime of ups and downs "naked Director Toru Muranishi Den" (Nobuhiro Author / Ohta Publishing Motohashi), has attracted attention again.

Arafif women are the golden age of sex.…

To enjoy life, even at what age it is essential to "love" a…